This is the third story that I wrote, but it's the first story posting on the internet. Actually, this is also the first story to show to the public too. The first 2 stories were wrote when I was studying at pimary school (about 10 years old) and high school (F.2). Both stories were only show to some of my classmates and friends, not many people know that.

This story is based on some minor things in our life. As people are doing something for their living, we are easily to miss out many things, although those minor things may not really important to us, but it can makes our life be colourful and bring us happiness. Also, I just found that human always like to foucs on some bad news rather than good news or some happy news, especially in this horrible day. But, I don't say that we should only show the good news and cover all the bad news, but at least, we should be aware of some good news too. Maybe some people may feel that it's a stupid idea to do that, but why don't we just spend a few mins. to do somethings stupid for relaxing or taking a breathe? It doesn't hurt.

So, the reason for writing this story and homepage, just because of I want to do something to let people to be relax and be happy. I don't know how much I can do, and I do know how many people like this story and the cartoons, but I just want some people re-starte to think about "How do we be a happy person?" and start looking some minor things, don't just focus on some valuable things.

I wish you enjoy the story and to be a happy person.

23 Nov 2004

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